Kim Tan

kim-tan-sqDr. Dato Kim Tan is a successful biotech entrepreneur, global social impact pioneer and a Jubilee-inspired advocate of changing how Christian entrepreneurs can make a difference around the globe. Kim grew up in Malaysia, lives in the UK, and travels around the world, particularly to investment projects throughout Africa and Asia. Among his many achievements Kim is the inventor of sheep monoclonal antibodies. He has a PhD in biochemistry, and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in 1997. He was elected an Honorary Member of The 48 Group Club (UK) in 2005 in recognition of his role in developing relationships with China. He co-authored the book Fighting Poverty through Enterprise: The Case for Social Venture Capital with Lord Brian Griffiths, the Vice-Chairman of Goldman Sachs, and amongst a number of other books he has written is Jubilee Gospel which starts with the Old Testament institution of Jubilee and traces related themes through the rest of the Bible.

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