On this page, we hope to be able to answer most of the questions that you might have about our new website, how to use it and about Anchor Recordings.

If there is anything that’s not covered here that you would like to know, you can ask us on the contact page.

Q: Do you sell recordings by David Pawson?

A: We now handle all the recordings and books by David Pawson over on our sister site www.davidpawson.com

Q: Do I need to open an account to buy products from your website?

A: No, you can buy from us as a ‘guest’. But if you take a moment to fill in your information at the checkout to open an account then we can send you information about new recordings if you wish. You can also log in as a returning customer to find all your postal details already filled in for you. You can also view a history of your purchases and see when they have been shipped.

Q: The checkout has a PayPal button, but I don’t have a PayPal account or I don’t want to pay with PayPal.

A: That’s fine, you can click on the left hand side of the payment page and use your credit or debit card as usual without having to have or use a PayPal account. Although using PayPal IS very convenient.

Q: What happens when I buy an MP3 file?

A: If you want to order an MP3 audio file of any of our recordings then simply add it to your shopping cart as you would do for any other product. You can also add PHYSICAL products such as CDs and books to your cart at the same time. Our ordering system will separate out any downloadable files after you have completed payment and send you an email with a link to download your files. If for any reason you lose the file, then you can log into your customer account and see a list of any files you have bought and re-download.

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