The Life of The Messiah From A Jewish Perspective (1)


Speaker: Arnold Fruchtenbaum

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Arnold Fruchtenbaum describes the public life and ministry of Jesus and His conflict with the Pharisees and their interpretation of the Mosaic law. Arnold’s understanding of the times of Jesus brings many incidents to life. He discusses Jesus’ discourse with Nicodemus and the significance to a Jew of being born again. Also the tradition of fasting, the Sabbath, the Sermon on the Mount and the unforgivable sin. Jesus used many miracles to demonstrate His claim to be the promised Messiah and Arnold describes the significance of the healing of the leper, the paralytic man, the casting out of the dumb demon and the resurrection of Lazarus.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum concludes by saying that Jesus will return when the Jewish people ask Him to.

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Arnold Fruchtenbaum

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