Christ Our Passover (2)


Speaker: Christopher Hill.

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  1. Religious Groups in New Testament Times (2)
  2. Jesus in Jerusalem – The Final Week
  3. Passover in the Old Testament

Christopher Hill gives eight Bible teaching seminars of dynamic importance. The astonishing revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the “Lamb of God” is here expounded.

You are invited to:

  • Explore the background world of Egypt in 1300 BC;
  • Enter 1st Century Jerusalem as it was when Jesus was there;
  • Discover the remarkable and moving parallels between the Exodus story and the Passion of Jesus;
  • Have your eyes opened to the actual events surrounding the Last Supper;
  • …and much more.

These eight Bible studies will have a dramatic effect on your life! The bible will spring to life before your eyes! They will fill you with love for Jesus, and leave you with a settled aim to go on “digging in the Word” for yourself!

As well as for your personal blessing, these illustrated talks will provide a superb basis for Home Groups, Lent Courses and so forth.


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Christopher Hill

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